What amenities are available on site?

We have ample parking for all vehicles including campervans and buses, and toilets for public use. We sell water and cold drinks to our guests for refreshments. During peak season, you may also be able to enjoy coffee and ice cream from a local mobile vendor.

What payment methods are you currently accepting?

We can accept cash payments on premises or payments made via bank transfer in advance of your trek. We will soon be able to offer EFTPOS for those that wish to pay with a debit card.

Do you provide horse riding lessons at Waipu Horse Adventures?

During peak season we are unable to offer horse ridinglessons as we are too busy trekking. To book horse riding lessons during offseason please inquire.

Adele Greatorex will also be offering riding lessonsfrom her stables in Mangapai in the near future. Please inquire to find outmore.