Winners of Travel & Hospitality’s 2019 Northland Adventure Experience of the Year and 2018 Unique Oceania Adventure Tourism Award

Waipu Horse Adventures welcomes beginners through to intermediate riders to enjoy a magical horse trekking experience in the Winterless North.

Hello happy place

At Waipu Horse Adventures, we are happiest on horseback. Since 2016, we have been sharing our happy place with the public by providing amazing, safe and quality horse treks from a stunning location.

Less than two hours’ north of Auckland and just 36km from Whangarei, Waipu Horse Adventures is situated in the luscious and pastoral Northland landscape, only a relaxing horse-walk away from Uretiti Beach.

Trek our trail

Our treks traverse pristine native bushland alight with gorse, flirt with the unspoilt Uretiti shoreline, frolic in the Bream Bay shallows, and promenade the edges of the Department of Conservation’s Uretiti campsite, and the beautiful Waipu Golf Course.

While breathing in the spectacular scenery, including Marotiri and Taranga (Hen and Chicken Islands) and Mt Manaia visible over the water upon the Whangarei Heads coastline, our guests enjoy connecting with their surrounds and the gentle four-legged companion intentionally paired with them for their journey.

Horse Treks for Beginners

No previous horse riding experience is required to enjoy a Waipu Horse Adventures trek. We welcome all levels of experience from novices and the seriously nervous to intermediate and experienced riders. No matter your ability or comfort level, you will be well taken care of and catered for, and hopefully leave us feeling more horse-savvy than when you came.

Expert Guides

Our friendly and helpful guides share a combined 70 years’ equestrian experience. Each of our guides have contributed to the individual training of our horses and are responsible for taking excellent care of their needs on a daily basis. As a result, all of our guides have developed deep bonds with each of our horses, making them uniquely equipped to facilitate our treks.

Kind natured horses

Our well-mannered, kind and gentle horses love to show our guests a pleasant time. Our perceptive guides take the time to get to know each of our guests to pair them with the most suitable horse for the best possible experience.

“Whenever I am feeling down, I know the best thing I can do is get on a horse and go for a walk along the beach.”

Adele, Owner & founder

Healing with Horse Therapy

Being around horses has been proven time and again to improve mental health and our general outlook on life. Our gentle horses are adept with people. Like us, horses are very complicated creatures, and perhaps that is why they seem to empathise so well, taking their cues from their rider and those working with them, and offering non-judgemental ears and support. Learning how to communicate, ride and work with horses gives us both something to focus on and goals to work towards, which in turn leads to an increase in self-confidence, helping us to feel stronger and happier in ourselves. To be successful riding and caring for horses, we are compelled to develop self-responsibility, emotional awareness and skills for regulating emotions, all of which are useful traits well beyond the farm.

Please contact us to find out more about Horse Therapy sessions.

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